Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Valle Nevado - Outside of Santiago Chile

With a still healing leg I decided that snowboarding was simply too important... I did however decide that teaching would keep me out of too much trouble. James had skied but never been on a board and Jamie had done neither. One of the other guys from the hostel named Ricardo was from Brazil and had never even seen snow so he decided to get in on some free lessons.

The views were epic and there were no trees so I couldn't break my other leg.

This is simply the bottom third of the mountain

An action shot of Jamie

James and Ricardo made a friend on the lift.

For having never seen snow, Ricardo picked up the sport faster than anyone I have ever seen. He even followed me off the beaten path and into one of the bowls. Completely fearless. Too bad he lives in Brazil and will only do this sparingly.

At the end of the day all three of them had picked up up quite nicely and my knee was still in one piece. Even having some car trouble couldn't ruin the trip.